Samsung notebooks are cool

Just wanted to give a shout-out to the Samsung notebook range. My girlfriend and I each own a N145 Plus, and my father owns an N150.

Samsung N145 Plus

I’ve previously owned an Acer Aspire One, which is a similar notebook-sized offering, and run Linux on both. The main differences I’ve found are that the Samsung computer is slightly better in terms of CPU power, and the display port actually works (it only provides a VGA out, whereas the Acer offers an HD output via HDMI, but it’s an intractable Intel hack-up job).

They struggle to render today’s JS-rich webpages, but overlooking that, they’re capable and portable little machines which pack a lot of punch into a compact frame, far more usable than any tablet. It also beats any combo tablet-notebook (a.k.a. hybrid) like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, in battery life and price – at the time of writing, Surface Pros are going on eBay for around £700, whereas you can pick up a Samsung notebook for ten times less at about £70 (that’s how much mine cost).

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  1. Martins

    I have had a bad experience with Acer laptops. However I haven’t used any of Samsung laptops, only mobile phones/tv’s and my impression so far is that Samsung produces quality products. :)
    Great post and I might just buy one of those as currently I’m looking for an additional laptop that would run Linux.


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